Mouse’s Angry Youtuber Contest Winners!

Hi, everyone!  I’m proud to present all of the entries for my Angry Youtuber review.  Last week, I invited my readers to compose their very own reviews of their favourite ships.  The prizes are a bonus code for some temporary space camouflages for the two runners up and a permanent space camouflage of the user’s choice for the winner.  Thank you so much for all of your entries.  Some of these genuinely made me laugh — which I really needed given this stressful week.

Judging these was super hard.  Next time, I think I’ll pass the buck to some collective.  Anyhoo, here are the first of the entries in no particular order:

Elegant, classy, tea!
This is a good one. It has lots of information which makes it fun to look at and there’s some fun bits of humour throughout.  The sarcasm is especially appreciated.

Trying to butter me up with rainbows and unicorns, eh?  I’m onto you!

Hee, this one panders to my ego.  It shows that they’ve been reading my reviews and they even matched the format I put these together.  Really good job here.   I’m really looking forward to spending more time playing Prinz Eugen when (if?) the buffs go through.

It’s the little touches that make these fun to look at.  I do appreciate the efforts to give this one a more faded, dated look.  Having spent as much time as I have mapping dispersion, the accuracy joke here made me snort.

  Some of you know me far too well…
Man, where did you get that transparent fire gif?  I’m always looking for more gifs to layer.

I was honestly surprised I didn’t get more poibotes.  Giulio Cesare seemed to be the favourite.

This was an early favourite of mine, mostly because I believe it wholeheartedly.  I dunno how many of my early Clemson replays I sent over to Jingles-senpoi thinking I was hot stuff in this game.

I’m not going to lie, some these references went right over my head.

Mimes totally creep me out.

Whoo!  Commonwealth pride!

I agree.  This entry is fine!  It’s alarmingly accurate too.  I’m of the opinion that the upcoming nerfs won’t go far enough to keep this from being a seal-clubbing darling.

  Warships in SPAAAAACE  

I think Jingles-senpoi would approve.

Nice job on the custom skin — cause of course you went the extra mile and totally re-skinned the ship.  Does the art look familiar to anyone else?

Ra-Ra-Rasputin!  Lover of the Russian Queen!
Great, now that song (and a flash-animation dancing Putin) is stuck in my head.   ZERO POINTS!

And now for some ANGRY Angry Youtuber Reviews!

So true, it’s kinda scary. Just wait until she becomes available to the masses…

What!? I love having fun in my Mikasa! Boo-urns! I won’t argue about the rating, though. She’s terrible!

Yes, let the powers of hate flow through you!

This one scores big points for genuine anger. It puts some authenticity into the “angry” part of Angry Youtuber review. (I especially liked the less flammable zeppelin). It loses points for accuracy, imo, and this is my contest so that’s all that counts! MOVING ON!

The Runners Up
It was hard to isolate these ones from the pack, but they each had something that made them stand out for me.  These two will be winning bonus codes for a handful of temporary Space Camouflages.

This was the first one to make me genuinely laugh out loud. Very, very clever. Why are you so terrible compared to De Grasse? Why!?  Congrats, GildedCavalier from the NA server!

I honestly believe this is how the design process went down.  +1 for validating my imagined historical accuracy.  Well done, NR_Circle30 from EU.

And the Winner Is:
There could only be one, and this one stood out from the rest for me, mostly because it was so darned pretty.

Congratulations, NeoRussia from the North American server!  I’ll be in touch to let you pick which permanent camouflage you want for your collection!
Thanks again to everyone who entered!  Please keep an eye on your email boxes if you’re one of the winners!

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