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It’s the end of May and I have a few announcements to make so I thought it would be nice to do it all in one place.
Premium Ship Reviews & Patreon
I am very happy to report that I have reached my first Patreon funding goal!  Thank you to everyone who has been able to support me through this — it’s well and truly humbling.  True to my word, I will be putting together an Angry Youtuber review of an entire tech-tree line voted for by my patrons.  Expect the poll to go up within the first week of June.  Any and all of the tech tree lines are eligible.  I will be doing brand new graphics for these, so don’t be shy of picking your favourite.
For those of you with replay submissions, I’ll be reviewing those and submitting feedback within the next few days.  If you haven’t sent one in yet (or you’re having trouble), don’t hesitate to reach out to me regarding it.
So far for June, I have three ship reviews lined up.  I’m up to my elbows in reviewing Kronshtadt at the moment and Monaghan is also on the list.  In addition, I will be starting work this month on a non-premium review as selected by one of my Patrons (thank you so much for your support!).  There may be other reviews depending on Wargaming’s release schedule.
Free Warspites
Let me announce  the winners of my 100th Premium Ship Review.  I invited players to leave comments about the state of high tier Royal Navy Battleships and their thoughts on if and how things should change.  I had three Warspites to give away.  I received just over 200 replies through Facebook, Email, Reddit and the North American forums.  Of those, I selected three which I felt were most deserving.  Congratulations to the following winners:
  • King_Albby NA Server
  • NR_Circle30 EU Server
  • Lord_Argus NA Server
Wargaming will be crediting your Warspites before the week is out.  Thank you, everyone, for being such great sports about HMS Thunderer.
Community Contributor Code Giveaways
In May, I gave out over thirty Community Contributor codes.  I awarded some of these to players who helped me, others as tokens of appreciation for their cheerful attitudes and a whole bunch I hid in my posts for people to find.  I wasn’t really happy with this latter method — they got discovered too quickly and it really ended up being a bit of a race to see who could find them first.  So, I’ve decided to be a bit more fair with how I do these scavenger hunts.
First, let’s go into what the codes are, what they’re for, what they look like and how they’re redeemed. so we’re all on the same page.

Wargaming gives me these codes as part of the Community Contributor Program each month and I will be distributing them pretty much as I get them (so all of my June codes would be handed out in June, for example).  The codes are good for three months after which any unclaimed codes expire.
The source of these codes doesn’t matter.  They work globally, so if you receive a code from me on the North American server, you can still use it on an EU, SEA or RU account without issue.  Note that the number of codes you may claim per month are fixed, regardless of their source.  If you earn a crate code from solving one of iChase’s mind bending puzzles or win a giveaway from Jingles, you will not be able to claim one of mine either.
Identifying Codes
Codes follow a specific format which makes them easy to identify.  You can know at a glance if they’re for camouflage or a crate and what month they are applicable for so you can ensure if you’re able to use them or not if you’ve received one or if you should pass it off to a friend.  Remember, the number of codes you can redeem is locked to the month issued, not the calendar month in which you find yourself.
 “Huh.  I doubt those numbers are random.
They’re either on a list somewhere or the product of an algorithm, so the server can determine real codes from false ones.”
 “They’re random enough for the purposes of this article!” 
Redeeming Codes
Codes are redeemed through the World of Warships Premium Store.  Make sure you log into your account on the main page in your respective region. Then go into the Online Store.  At the top right of your screen, you should see a “Redeem Wargaming Code” link.  This will take you to a new page where you can enter the code in question.
Enter the code, exactly as it was written, and click the “Redeem” button.  And there you have it!  Remember, these codes are one-use only, so multiple people can’t redeem the same code.  Also, if you’ve met the limit of camouflage / crate codes for a month, it also will not work.  Unfortunately, the code redemption error message isn’t particularly helpful for explaining WHY a code hasn’t worked properly.
If you EVER have any problems with a code I have given you,
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out to me.
Future Code Distribution
As an experiment in May, I hid codes in some of the images and gifs that I published throughout the month.  Those with sharp eyes caught them very quickly and I was glad that people had fun looking for them.  There was only one problem — it was all over within minutes of publishing an article and those who arrived first on the scene had the biggest advantage.
From HMS Thunderer’s Angry Youtuber Review gif slowed down to show where the camouflage codes were hidden.  All of these codes have already been claimed. 
 Well, not anymore.  While I cannot guarantee that I will not hide raw codes in images any longer, I am moving towards making it a bit more fair.  In order to be eligible for a code, you’re going to have to piece together clues that I will hide in the articles over the course of a month.  So any published reviews, guides, etc within September may have instructions (or clues to instructions) on how to win a September code hidden within the text, still images or animated gifs.  To uncover these, you may need to make use of some graphic tools, such as a gif disassembler ( has great tool for this where you can split an animation down to its constituent frames) or photo editing software to increase contrast ( provides a free online version — just have Flash enabled).
At the end of the calendar month, I will award the codes to those who have followed the clues and presented a solution I deem worthy of recognition.   I will still hand out other codes beyond these scavenger hunts, but these will be a fun way for all of my readers to have a little bit of fun and maybe earn themselves some goodies too.
Thanks for reading, everyone!

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