June Details for Community Contributor Codes

Your Community Contributors have been receiving their codes for the month of June. I figured it was a good time to explain what these codes are, what they look like, how you can acquire them and how many you can use. This will keep me distracted from staring longingly at the Azur Lane captains I can’t afford. Let’s hop to it.

The American Connection
June is going to be a bit of an odd month for Community Contributor giveaways. This month’s codes are themed towards the American Cruiser collection. Here’s the details:

As opposed to last month where one code gave away 10 Community Contributor camouflages instead.

These things are so amazing.

I thought we were going to be giving away the crappy boxes you earn for doing mission stuff. Nope. Premium shop ones! That’s 60 dragon signals per code which is better than the CC crate!

These codes are not region locked, so if you earn one from Flamu (EU) you can use it on SEA. Similarly if you’re a Yuro fan and you score his code, you can use it on your secret RU account.

Mouse’s Secret Codes
You can stop squinting at the matrix waterfall — I haven’t hidden any codes in this article. The codes themselves go live on June 1st and are valid for three months, so don’t sit on ’em. Instructions on how to win one of my codes will be hidden in the upcoming Premium Ship Reviews for the month of June. I’m planning to release no less than three of them, so keep your eyes peeled. Consider this the last warning on the subject! If you have any questions (other than where and how I’ll be hiding them), feel free to reach me.  ♥

Mouse may be contacted on:
WGNA Forums
The World of Warships Reddit

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