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If there’s something World of Tanks and World of Warplanes does better than World of Warships, it’s award medals for exemplary game play.  While our ribbon system is the envy of these two games, feats of excellence go unnoticed.  This is a shame.  The awarding of medals can modify player behaviour to more positive outcomes.  If something is known to be an achievement, people will actively seek it out.
Prompted by a discussion in the Wargaming Community Contributor Discord, I set off to create some medal suggestions for Wargaming. The idea was to use them to encourage player behaviours towards more desired patterns through achievement incentives. What are some behaviours you would like to see encouraged? How would the conditions of your medal steer them towards this goal?
This isn’t the first time I’ve brought this up.  And so help me, I will again.  The graphics provided here are not serious proposals for the medal’s design, merely fun placeholders.
Quirky Achievements
Let’s start with something fun. These are rewards for strange occurrences that happen over the course of battles. They’re amusing and celebrate the weirdness that happens every now and then.

No luck, all skill.
Criteria:  Sink an enemy ship with shell, torpedo or bombs while they are unspotted.  Ship must not be spotted for at least 5 seconds before the attack is made.

Also known as Yuro’s Medal
Criteria: Without taking any torpedo hits, avoid an enemy torpedo that passes within 10m of the ship’s hull. This can be awarded multiple times.
That’s a Paddlin’
Also known as Jingles’ medal. Sailing broadside onto an enemy ship? You know that’s a paddlin’.
Criteria: Score 10 citadel hits. This can be awarded multiple times.
Mega-Zao Medal
Also known as Flamu’s medal. Mega-Zao likes to see you burn.
Criteria: Start 12 fires. This can be awarded multiple times.

This is Fine
Suggested by YourSATScore.  I cringed when I heard it.
Criteria:  Be lit on fire 10 times.  This can be awarded multiple times.  You poor thing.

Tactical Beaching
Also known as Notser’s medal.  This wasn’t a navigation error — it was totally a planned trap and you fell for it.
Criteria:  While within 50m of an island, sink an enemy ship.
More Dakka
Maybe you need some bigger guns? Awarded for perseverance. When you assume that eventually, over time, he would just die.
Criteria: Hit a single enemy ship 200 times. This can be awarded multiple times.
Megaton Punch
This is an award for those REALLY big hits. They may not be enough to kill a target outright, but it’s worth letting both teams know you can begone THOT. Your target will only wish they were dead.
Criteria: Deal 40,000+ damage with a single artillery salvo, torpedo salvo, or aircraft strike. This can be awarded multiple times.

Got One!
Suggested by YourSATScore.  This is a token award for those ships who have no business being able to shoot down aircraft yet still manage it somehow.
Criteria:  Shoot down an enemy aircraft with a ship with less than 20 AA rating.  Tier 5+.
Witness Me!
This is to reward an act of defiance and desperation.  For those who go down defiantly, spitting in the eye of the enemy.  You shall ride off into Valhalla, shiny and chrome.
Criteria:  Successfully kill an opponent by ramming when you have less than 10% health remaining.

Suggested by YourSATScore (and I’m totally mad I didn’t think of it myself).
Criteria:  Sink an enemy ship within 2km without ramming them.
Year of the Carrier
It’s always the aircraft carrier’s fault.  Make sure to let your friendly carrier know how much they disappoint you for not protecting you when the enemy CV earns this award from your oblivious butt.
Criteria:  With a single attack craft squadron, land hits with at least 80% of ordnance dropped (bombs or torpedoes).  This can be awarded multiple times.

Ognevoi’s Luck
Another cringe worthy occurence suggested by YourSATScore.
Criteria:  Have half of your main battery turrets or all of your torpedo tubes permanently destroyed.
Internet Famous
The Community Contributors are out there.  Get the killing blow on them and you can be internet famous!
Criteria:  Land the killing blow on a ship flying the Community Contributor flag.
Sisters of the Sea
Make friends.  Kill enemies.
Criteria:  Awarded to each member of a Division where they each sink at least two enemies.  All members of the Division must survive.
Ship Kill Rewards
We currently only have a single reward for sinking enemy vessels — Kraken Unleashed for 5-kills in a single battle.  It seems a shame to stop there, not when there’s so many bragging rights to be had.
Leviathan’s Hunger
It’s a big sea monster.  Tiamat would also be a good name.  Heck, pick your favourite sea-beastie and stick it in here.  Megaladon’s Maw?
Criteria:  7-kills in a single random or ranked battle.
Neptune’s Wrath
Named after the Roman God of the Sea.  You can stick whatever sea-borne deity you want in here — preferably one with a penchant for making mortal lives miserable.  Also acceptable:  meme-worthy anime crossovers (Nep-Nep).  Earning this reward is downright legendary and it will be THE medal to covet.
Criteria:  9-kills in a single random battle.

Apex Predator
For a ship that didn’t get the memo that there’s a paper-rock-scissors balance design in effect.  For one that takes on all comers regardless of the ship type they’re sailing or the one they’re up against.
Criteria:  Sink at least one of every ship type (CV, BB, CA, DD) in a single match.  May only be earned once per battle.

Big Game Hunter
Some players have a talent for specializing at hunting specific types of ships.  This is a reward for players who specifically target and destroy battleships.
Criteria: Sink at least 4 enemy battleships in a single match.  May only be earned once per battle.
Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
Poor cruisers.  Everyone seems to pick on them.  This is an award for someone who proves to be especially good at it.
Criteria:  Sink at least 4 enemy cruisers in a single match.  May only be earned once per battle.
Destroyers are some of the most highly prized kills in World of Warships.  Sinking them is one of the fastest ways to ensure an easy victory.
Criteria:  Sink at least 4 enemy destroyers in a single match.  May only be earned once per battle.
Clemson’s Medal
One of the best freedom-botes in the game, Clemson will happily take all comers, including higher tiered cruisers.
Criteria:  Sink 2 cruisers and survive the battle. Ships must at least one tier higher. Destroyers only.
Bogatyr’s Medal
Arguably the best “battleship” at her tier, Bogatyr doesn’t take any lip from any so-called Dreadnoughts.
Criteria:  Sink 2 battleships and survive the battle. Ships must at least one tier higher. Cruisers only.
Warspite’s Medal 

Someone forgot to tell HMS Warspite that destroyers hard-counter battleships.
Criteria:  Sink 2 enemy destroyers and survive the battle. Ships must be one tier higher. Battleships only.
Historical Achievements
These are rewards for specific, challenging actions that reflect specific needs within gameplay to affect a win.  They take their name from commanders from history whose actions exemplify these behaviours in World of Warships.
Mikawa’s Medal
Named after Guinichi Mikawa, commander of cruiser Chokai, who led his squadron at the Battle of Savo Island. His daring night attack on the allied forces stationed off Guadalcanal cost the Allies four heavy cruisers.
Criteria:  Earn a minimum of 150 base capture points.  This can only be awarded once per battle.
Glossop’s Medal
Named after Vice Admiral John Glossp who commanded HMAS Sydney at the Battle of Cocos in November of 1914.  She responded to the attack of Direction Island which was being attacked by the German cruiser, SMS Emden, and sank the famous raider.
Criteria: Earn a minimum of 100 base defense points.  This can only be awarded once per battle.
Evan’s Medal
Being bottom tier doesn’t mean you can’t significantly contribute. Named after Ernest Evans, commander of the destroyer USS Johnston at the Battle off Samar in defense of Taffy 3 where he led an attack against a massive Japanese force, including the battleships Yamato, Nagato, Kongo and Haruna.

Criteria: Damage four enemy ships for at least 25% of their health. These ships must be two tiers higher.  This can only be awarded once per battle.

Turkey Shoot
Named after the Great Marianas Turkey shoot during the Battle of the Philippine Sea where the Japanese naval air arm took such heavy losses that it never recovered.
Criteria:  Shoot down 30 or more enemy aircraft, sink at least 2 enemy ships, win and survive the battle without losing more than 12 of your own planes.This can only be awarded once per battle.  Aircraft Carriers Only.
Plawski’s Medal
Named after Commander Eugeniusz Plawski who led the Polish destroyer Piorun which participated in the hunt for battleship Bismarck.  She was the first surface ship to make contact with the German vessel subsequent to it shaking off its pursuers.  She shadowed and harried the larger warship until the Royal Navy forces could catch up.
Criteria:  Earn 100,000 spotting damage. This can only be awarded once per battle.


DeWolf’s Medal
Named after Captain Harry DeWolf of HMCS Haida who, during the night actions in the English Channel leading up to Operation Neptune in June1944, assisted in the destruction of German surface vessels including T-24, Z32 and T-27.
Criteria:  In one battle, ensure the destruction of two enemy ships hiding inside smoke screens while you are the only ship detecting them. This can only be awarded once per battle.
Hartog’s Medal 

Named after Commander Johannes Hartog, of SMS Derfflinger at the Battle of Jutland on May 31st, 1916. Derfflinger assisted in the sinking of HMS Queen Mary and HMS Invincible. Her charge of the British lines afforded time for the rest of the High Seas Fleet to escape where Derfflinger suffered 17 hits from large caliber guns and still managed to limp back to port.
Criteria:  Endure 2,000,000 potential damage and score 2 kills.  This can only be awarded once per battle.
Rudnev’s Medal
Named after Vsevolod Rudnev, Captain of the Cruiser Varyag who fought heroically at the Battle of Chemulpo Bay. Badly outnumbered, his cruiser engaged fourteen Japanese ships in an attempted breakout.

Criteria:  In one battle, earn 12 Spotted ribbons.  This can only be awarded once per battle.

Benson’s Medal
Named for Captain Howard Benson, commander of USS Washington who during the close night action at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal attacked and sunk the Battleship Kirishima and the Destroyer Ayanami.
Criteria:  Sink 2 enemy ships that are in the same cap circle as you.  This can only be awarded once per battle.
Spruance’s Medal
Named after Admiral Raymond Spruance who commanded the American fleet at the Battle of Midway.  Under his command, 4 Japanese aircraft carriers were sunk and 248 enemy aircraft.
Criteria:  Shoot down at least 20 aircraft and sink 1 enemy aircraft carrier.  This can only be awarded once per battle.
Co-op Rewards
Co-op players deserve a little bit of love, I feel. It’s a great game mode and it’s enjoyed by a significant portion of the population. This gives them a chance to have some bragging rights too. Most of these echo Random Battle rewards in some manner.
Insert your favourite bot-killing reference here.
Criteria: Destroying 6+ bot-opponents in Co-op battles only.

Humanity’s Last Stand
Cuz bad teams happen in Co-op too. However, this one is much easier to overcome so the rewards are less.
Criteria: Stand alone against 4-bots and win the co-op battle.
Medals and achievements are a great way to influence player behaviour and add a little fun to the game.  Realizing that you’re this close to collecting a long-coveted achievement can be very exciting and even more rewarding when you finally get it.  Medals are a great way of celebrating successes, not only for yourself but for your allies and opponents too.  Can you imagine the fun when you see the message come up that the cruiser your fired your torpedoes at earned a Torpedobeat medal?  Or the awe when someone gets a Leviathan’s Hunger?
These are elements all too easy to get excited over and they’re well worth the time invested.  But these are just my suggestions — there are certainly many other awards that could be added.  What are some of the awards you would like to see added to World of Warships?  How do you believe they will influence player behaviours?

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  1. Some of them would definitely be challenging while others would just be lolRNG achievements (like the megaton one). It might be interesting to see additional damage based ones beyond those listed here or High Caliber/Confederate – something like deal damage equal to X times your HP in a battleship, deal X amount of damage with torpedoes in a destroyer, etc.

    Let’s be honest, the Year of the CV one should just be renamed Hello, my name is Graf Zepplin, you killed my friend, prepare to die (The Graf Zepplin for short)

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