Premium Ship Review Krasny Krym

Please be aware that all of the statistics and performance discussed in this post reflect the version of the ship as she appeared during the testing period.

These are subject to change before release.

The Tier 5 Soviet Navy Svietlana-class Light Cruiser
Krasny Krym
“Blood in the water.”

Quick Summary: A further upgrade and modernization of the tier 4 Svietlana-class cruiser found in the Russian tech tree, with general improvement on some systems (DPM, Range, AA) but an enormous increase to her surface detection range.
Cost: Undisclosed at the time of writing this article.
Patch & Date Written: 0.5.8 — July 15th, 2016.

Closest in-Game Contemporary: Svietlana
Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique
Ready to be confused? The Krasny Krym is the Svietlana — renamed to the Red Crimea by the Soviets. What the Lo Yang is to the Benson, the Krasny Krym is to the Svietlana. The ship is modernized, overhauled and serving a new country (Imperial Russia vs Soviet Union).


  • Armed with 15 Soviet 130mm naval guns, providing an eight-gun broadside.
  • Guns benefit from improvements provided by Captain Skills, boosting RoF, Range & Traverse.
  • Has a 13.5km stock range which can be increased with the aforementioned skills up to 16.2km.
  • Guns have a nice flat trajectory with a good shell velocity.
  • Comfortable gun arrangement with little need to worry about traverse rates.
  • Torpedoes with 13,200 alpha strike and a 65 knot top speed. Excellent arcs off her launchers.
  • Decent AA values for a mid-tier cruiser.


  • Guns (specifically AP rounds) feel rather lacking at this tier.
  • Ridiculously huge surface detection range of 13.7km without her camouflage.
  • Painfully short ranged torpedoes at 3.7km. Yes, really.
  • Insufficient armour. Will take frequent citadel hits from 203mm and larger guns.
  • Slow for a cruiser at 29 knots.
  • Feels unnecessarily up tiered. She’s not good enough for tier 5, but she would out-compete her tier 4 counterpart.

The Krasny Krym represents, to me, a dangerous precedent with premium ships. Like the USS Texas is to the New York-class, the Krasny Krym is a further modernization of a ship normally available in the tech tree. But rather than making this “final” upgrade something that can be unlocked with experience, Wargaming have elected to make this option a premium warship instead. This doesn’t bode well for purists that are hoping against hope for a fully upgraded, late-war Colorado-class when we may have to settle for the USS West Virginia as a premium version of the ship to see her final refit.

This ship asks the question: “If we bumped the Svietlana up to tier 5, how well would she do?” The answer is rather predictable, to be honest…

Svietlana 3.0 — now with more AA and a bigger surface detection range (for some reason).


The Krasny Krym is pretty standard with her options. There’s no surprises to be found here.

Consumables: Two slots

  • Damage Control Party
  • Hydroacoustic Search

Module Upgrades: Three slots. Standard options for Russian & Soviet Cruisers.
Premium Camouflage: Tier 2 to 5 standard. This provides 30% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy.


Primary Battery: Fifteen 130mm guns with a turret on the bow and seven guns down each side in a mix of turrets and casemates.
Secondary Battery: 
3×2 100mm guns with a turret on the bow and two alongside one another on the stern.

The Krasny Krym has the same armament as the Svietlana — right down the placement of the gun mounts. The bump up to tier 5 did provide some minor boosts to these weapons, with her range increasing from 11.3km to 13.5km. Her rate of fire also saw an improvement from 6rpm to 6.52rpm. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though. She loses 1% of her base fire chance with her high explosive shells, bringing her down to 8% per hit. With these guns arranged in case mates and turrets down the flanks of the ship (with a single turret on the bow), her gun handling is very comfortable. You’re almost always able to maximize your firepower, even when throwing the ship into maneuvers or switching sides. She does, however, have a blind spot immediately in front where her turret is occluded by one of her secondaries but this is compensated by having a 360′ rotation on that turret.

The performance of these weapons is mixed. These aren’t the same 130mm found on Soviet Destroyers like the Gnevny-class. When they fire, they only add 3.9km to her surface detection range. Their rate of fire is slower. I also found that their penetration value on their AP to be rather lacking, due to a slightly slower muzzle velocity and thus poorer (but still good) ballistics qualities I wasn’t easily able to stack citadel hits against enemy cruisers at 7km and had to get even closer (5km seemed to work well). Maybe it was just me. Her high explosive damage is more generous and more and more, I found myself reaching for this shell even when presented with the broadside of enemy target unless ridiculously close Yet, the individual HE shells aren’t that great. At 1900 maximum damage, they usually score hits in the neighbourhood of 300 to 600hp each.

It should be noted that as 130mm guns, they do benefit from the Captain Skills, Basic Fire Taining (which will increase her RoF to 7.23rpm per gun), Advanced Fire Training (which improves her range to 16.2km) and Expert Marksman (which increases her turret rotation from 8’/s to 10.5’/s). Given the placement of her guns, this last skill is largely unnecessary. Once you add in the Concealment Expert skill, you can get the surface detection range of the Krasny Krym down to 11.7km. When shooting, this gives you a 15.6km surface detection range which gives her a meager 600m stealth-firing window so long as you’ve taken Advanced Fire Training too.

The ideal targets for the Krasny Krym’s guns are destroyers. The volleys of eight high explosive shells from the rather flat trajectory from her rifles can mess them up in short order. Opening salvos for 3000 damage against a tin can are not uncommon if you get the lead right. Though her rate of fire isn’t great, it’s more than sufficient to put the hurt on these little ships before they can get away. She can also bombard Battleships rather well, though this practice (given her fragility) is best done at maximum range to avoid reprisals.

The secondary armament on the Krasny Krym consists of three two-gun turrets — one on the bow and two mounted on the stern alongside one another, each covering one side. These are similar (but not quite identical) to those found on the Mikhail Kutuzov with a good rate of fire. They have surprised me a couple of times with finishing off low-health opponents but I wouldn’t rely on them to pull of miracles when you’re engaging ships in gun duels at close range.

Probably my favourite part of the Krasny Krym’s guns was their handling. She has excellent gun arcs. You can also cheat the reload by sailing bow on and wiggling your ship from left to right to unmask each side in turn.


Launchers: Two triple launchers, one off each side.
Range & Speed: 3.7km @ 65 knots.

The torpedoes off the Krasny Krym are awful, if only because of their 3.7km range. Their damage is decent, their speed is great and the fire arcs on the launchers is excellent. But you’re going to have to get stupidly dangerous close to ever land a strike with these fish. Unlike the tier 4 Svietlana, the Krasny Krym at tier 5 does not end up on claustrophobic maps nearly as often making this short range even harder to use. I could forgive the short range maybe if they had an amazing reload rate, but there’s nothing special there either with over a minute to load her triple tubes. Still, if you like suicide-torping, these can yield some fun results. Just don’t expect to survive if you don’t kill your opponent.

Death or Glory.

The Krasny Krym sails between a full health Cleveland and a full health Nagato, dumping 3 fish into each at point blank range. Her secondaries finished off the American cruiser, but her torpedoes only managed to make the Japanese Battleship angry with predictable results. You have to get danger-close to launch successful torpedo strikes with the Krasny Krym, usually through the use of islands to mask your approach as I did here.


Top Speed: 29.0 knots.
Turning Radius: 
Rudder Shift: 7.2s

If the Svietlana were still under her original name and at tier 4, her 29 knot top speed wouldn’t be a significant drawback. However, being bumped up to tier 5 and facing more fleet footed ships, this 29 knot top speed hardly feels adequate. Among cruisers of her tier, she ranks last, and stands at least 4 to 5 knots slower than any of her contemporaries. This is made all of the worse when she has to face cruisers up to (and including) tier 7. The rest of her agility is pretty standard. She has a 7.2s rudder shift time which is on the poor side of average. Her 590m turning circle is decent. With careful planning, it’s easy to thread between torpedo drops or to turn the ship about and redeploy.


Hit Points: 25,100
Citadel Protection: 
Up to 75mm.

The protection on the Krasny Krym is not good. A cursory glance shows that she doesn’t have any more durability than the Svietlana aside from an increase of 500 hit points. AP rounds fired from enemy cruisers are her bane, with even 152mm AP shells capable of overmatching the armour in some places. Her citadel is dangerously vulnerable, especially when facing the 410mm rifles found on the Nagato and Colorado class Battleships which will easily overmatch most of the protection found on the ship. The one benefit she has is the ability to engage enemies at range to give her time enough to maneuver and avoid incoming fire — or at least make trying to land bulls-eyes difficult.

Concealment & Camouflage

13.7km Surface Detection, 6.0km Air Detection

This is probably the Krasny Krym’s greatest weakness. She has a 13.7km (stock) surface detection range. Compare this to the 9.9km surface detection range of the Svietlana and you can see the possibilities for this this light cruiser wither and die on the vine before being ripe enough to pluck. She’s spotted from a long way and out, and combined with her fragility, she’s not long for this earth. Without her camouflage, her surface detection range would exceed her maximum gun range by 200m which is never a good thing. Thankfully, the combination of camouflage and Captain Skills can be used to mitigate this flaw somewhat, but it’s hard not to feel disappointed that she didn’t keep a similar surface detection range to the Svietlana.

The reason is simple enough. When firing, her guns add 3.9km to her surface detection range. If she had the Svietlana’s stealth, she would be able to fire from stealth at a range of 13.5km with her camouflage. Once you factor in Captain Skills, this range would drop to 11.9km. Toss in the increased range from Advanced Fire Training and this would have been a 4.3km stealth window with guns with fairly decent ballistics. It seems that Wargaming is learning their lessons, albeit slowly.

Ignoring that theorycrafting on what could have been, as she is currently designed, once you max out her Captain Skills, your stealth window is a mere 600m. This is still workable but it’s an expensive, time consuming build if you don’t already have a Captain fully trained to let you take advantage of this.

Anti-Aircraft Defense

AA Battery Calibers: 100mm, 37mm, 12.7mm
AA Umbrella Ranges: 
4.0km, 3.25km, 1.2km

The AA guns on the Krasny Krym are decent — they’re not great, but they’re not awful either. Her dual purpose 100mm guns give her some nice long range teeth, but the real power comes from the ten Soviet 37mm autocannon mounts scattered over the ship. She has a combined total of 89dps stock with her AA guns, 14dps coming from her 100mm and 57dps coming from her 37mm guns. This puts most of her killing power in self-defense ranges, so you can’t count her as a decent escort vessel — but rather one that can look out for herself when enemy planes are incoming. With her 7s rudder shift time, it’s best to prep well in advance for incoming attack aircraft.

It should be noted that she lacks the option to grab Defensive Fire.

The Krasny Krym’s AA guns manage to shoot down a single dive bomber before they make their attack run. The AA guns are decent on the Krasny Krym, but they’re not what I would call “good”.

Overall Impressions

Mouse’ Summary:

  • Guns are comfortable to use, with good range and a decent rate of fire.
  • Their small caliber does limit their hitting power though, especially with AP rounds. She’ll easily chew up a DD, though.
  • Her torpedoes are awful.
  • She’s easily spotted.
  • She’s easy to damage.
  • She’s not fast enough.

I like the Svietlana. I really do. But what a difference a tier makes.

The “improvements” to the Krasny Krym do not warrant the ship being slapped with a tier 5 label. The catch is that she is better than the Svietlana but not that much better. The equivalent would be to compare the Texas to the New York and justify bumping her up a tier to compensate for the changes. The marginal increase to the Krasny Krym’s rate of fire and range do not make the ship feel competitive and the drawback of her massive surface detection range is just a punch in the boob she did not need. It undoes any advantage she may have been perceived as having. And it’s not like the modernization did her any significant advantages otherwise. Yes, the dual purpose 100mm guns are nice (even the one on the bow that blocks shooting directly ahead) but they’re not “let’s make the ship tier 5” nice.

This ship can do just fine when she’s top tier, but facing tier 6 and tier 7 opponents? Ugh, not fun. It requires a very passive style of play — or outright suicide to dump short ranged fish and hope you gut a couple of them on the way out. The role of the Krasny Krym is limited. She’s a good ship for picking on destroyers that should really know better.

Would I Recommend?
No, no, and no. You’re absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to premium Soviet and Russian cruisers. I would rate this ship at the bottom of the pile (except for maybe the Diana). The Molotov or the Murmansk are much better (and more interesting) mid-tier cruisers for the purpose of training and earning credits.

  • For Random Battle Grinding, she’s just not competitive compared to other tier 5 ships. The Murmansk is a better premium, hands down for grinding. You’re not going to score impressive damage totals in the Krasny Krym without folding space and time itself, so she’s not going to earn a ton of experience or credits.
  • For Competitive Gaming? No. Oh god, no. Don’t make me play her competitively. Please don’t label her as a viable ship for Ranked or Team Battles if they include tier 5 ships.
  • For Collectors, probably not unless you’re a fan of Russian and Soviet naval history. I applaud Wargaming for including the ship in it’s wartime refit status, but this should have been included as an option for the Svietlana-class as a whole, not as a premium purchase.
  • For Fun Factor, no with a “but”. I had fun with her whenever I was top tier. But outside of that? It was an uphill grind and I really didn’t enjoy her as much as I did the Svietlana.

Outfitting your Krasny Krym

Recommended Modules

There’s nothing particularly special about the modules you’ll equip on this cruiser.

  • For your first slot, take Main Armaments Modification 1. This will keep all of your weapons in the game longer.
  • For your second slot, take Aiming Systems Modification 1. Her AA systems aren’t good enough to consider wasting this for the AA mod instead.
  • And lastly, for your final slot, take whatever you feel like. They’re all terrible (imo)!

Recommended Consumables

The Krasny Krym has two consumables with no options to swap them out. As ever, you can elect to use the premium versions of these consumables for the reduced reset timer, just be aware that this will significantly eat into the credit earning potential of this ship.

Recommended Captain Skills

Your Soviet Destroyer and Cruiser Captains should feel right at home in the Krasny Krym.

  • As ever, from tier 1 I would take Situational Awareness as your first pick. Do keep Basic Fire Training in mind, though, as this will provide a main armament dpm upgrade.
  • From tier 2, Last Stand is probably optimal, given the fragility of her modules due to her poor armour layout. Expert Marksman isn’t a bad choice as it will increase her turret rotation from 8’/s to 10.5’s, but with seven guns being fixed on either side of the ship, I found this to be less of an imperative.
  • From tier 3, you will want to take Vigilance to increase the range at which she spots torpedoes.
  • From tier 4, Advanced Fire Training is your best choice. Not only will this increase your AA power, but it will also bump your gun range up to an impressive 16.2km.
  • From tier 5, Concealment Expert should be considered a must have. This will reduce her surface detection range down to 11.7km.

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