#GetBoat Stupid YoYo

I reached Rank 2 yesterday after starting at Rank 3 with no stars.   My record was something like two wins then four losses, which brought down to Rank 4 again. But then I had seven straight wins in a row to bring me up to Rank 2.  I felt invincible!  I announced my achievement to all of my friends and did a celebratory twirl in my computer chair (after taking off my headphones so I didn’t garotte myself with the wire again).  Normally I stop after reaching a new Rank but I was too psyched!  I was going to finish Ranked Battles!
Except I wasn’t.  Bad decisions and a couple of bad team mates and I fell as low as Rank 3.2.  I pushed hard but never got any higher than 3.4 last night and had to settle for a 3.3 to end the day.
This could be viewed as very discouraging but I’m trying to keep a positive mindset.  I gained a net of three stars yesterday — that’s three higher than I was 24 hours before.  That still keeps me within striking distance of my goal which is to hit Rank One before the weekend.   The queues are still plentiful, so I am not worried about not getting games at this stage.  There’s still time.  I can do this.
There’s going to be a lot of yoyoing in these last days.  Try and keep a positive thought process going.  Yes, you may reach Rank 2.5 and be one win away only to lose a lot of ground, but if you hit it once, you can do it again.  You only need to have that one good streak once to end the season, so keep your chin up and push hard.  Remember, it’s all a number’s game.

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