#GetBoat Twice to Four

Tempest Keep
It’s Monday!  Hooray!  Happy national holidays to various readers from different nationalities!
I hit Rank Four.  I’m sitting at the onset of the day at Rank Four and two stars.  I might be happy about this but I hit Rank Four twice over the weekend.  The first time was on Saturday, after less than a dozen games which felt like no mean feat.  I was feeling rather good about it and I retired from the game early to enjoy the rest of my evening (mostly playing with a dachshund puppy).  The Sunday came.
It’s always a bit of a debbie-downer when you lose your first match after hitting a new Rank.  With no irrevocable ranks up beyond Rank 12, this is a threat we all live with as we try and climb our way to the top.  But I lost ground so substantially, it became an effort in frustration just to try and claw back the ground I lost.  I fell as low as 5.2 — which is to say five and two stars.  This isn’t as substantial a drop as some players have suffered.  I hear horror stories of people being as high as two and dropping back to six.  I really hope that doesn’t happen to me.  But it still felt like a setback.
Anyway, I put my nose down on Sunday and not only clawed my way back up to Rank 4 after X number of games, I also made sure I had some progress over Saturday, grabbing two extra stars.  This leaves me with sixteen stars still to collect to finish off the season and I’m trying to psyche myself up to see if I can nail that in a very short and aggressive time span.  That all depends on how difficult it is to ascend, I suppose.  I am determined to finish out the season.  We’ll just see how much it kills me to do so.
Feedback Update
 So I promised you all on Friday I would have more information regarding providing Wargaming with feedback about this season of Ranked Battles. I’ve asked for Critter8’s help to put together an email system through ShipComrade to make submitting your views directly more simple.  Once we get that hammered out, I’ll have a nice mention of it here and on the World of Warships forums (NA and EU both).
Now what I would like would be to open the flood gates for everyone to share anything they want to say to Wargaming in regards to this season, but managing that just sounds like a nightmare so I think we’ll need a template of some sort to keep submissions reasonable.  I’m tempted just to provide a word limit cap so that they’re brief and to the point.  However, after speaking with some of you, I know that some of you have a lot of good points to make and that restricting you to 400 words or less won’t be anywhere near sufficient to address all of the issues you want to raise.
So how’s this for the time being?  Get writing.  Like, write whatever you want to your heart’s content.  I’m going to take two forms of submissions when the addy goes live:  The first will be a short submission that will get compiled and sent to Wargaming directly.  The second can be any size you want and I will take the best of them (no idea how many that is!) and I will publish them on ShipComrade for all to read.
More details to follow!

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