#GetBoat The Light

I swear I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to Ranked Battles.  Well, maybe excluding that guy that keeps showing up on my team with a Budyonny and charging into the Reds only to die in a horribly stupid manner.  But I digress.  This post is a little late — in part due to getting the USS Arizona review out.  The primary reason for the delay was that I promised myself I wouldn’t post until I accomplished my pre-weekend goal of hitting Rank 5.
It took me 10 games to do it, with a 7:3 record — including two very hard carries on my part.  At least I can say I’ve finally had a couple of those this season.  I took the Mahan out each time.
I’m trying not to psyche myself out for Rank 5.  The first game at a new rank is always the most stressful because a loss there feels like you’re undoing the work of the previous day.  But as ever, it’s just a matter of grinding out the required number of games.  I’m optimistically hoping for less than twenty games per Rank.  With four Ranks to go, that should be an 80 game count down to finish off the season.  That will put me at just shy of 200 games for the season (189).
Let’s start countin’ ’em down!  See you all on Monday, hopefully with some great news.  If I don’t?  Well, at least it will make for an entertaining read…

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