#GetBoat Patience Wins Games

There are many Cardinal Sins when it comes to playing Ranked Battles.  Probably the most dangerous of them all is impatience — the need to try cap-fast, kill-fast, win-fast.  This is especially prevalent among Destroyer players who use their speed as a license to get into trouble very quickly.  In a game system where a single loss can swing the contest by 100pts, every casualty is dearly felt.
It might be easier to be patient if there wasn’t the imperative of those damn cap circles making everyone go crazy and getting into point blank range knife fights over them.  The risk taken is huge and the reward not really all there.  It’s far better to let the enemy begin capping and get spotted first without feeling like you must-must-must stay to complete the cap and getting your ship shot up over it.  After the initial skirmish, one team invariably has the advantage and then it’s time to cap.
Now this doesn’t mean hiding back and avoiding danger.  Far from it.  It’s imperative to get early vision on the team with your destroyer screen.  Just don’t get too excited if things look a little off at the start.  It’s easy to come back to the enemy holding a cap advantage at the start.  It’s much harder to come back from being down a couple of ships.

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