#GetBoat Quitting while you’re ahead

I’ve been terribly busy writing no less than three premium ship reviews and researching a fourth.  Combined with work, yesterday was a bit of a wash in terms of getting any progress done on Ranked Battles.  I still have 39 stars to go (I’m at a virgin Rank 8) and less and less time to get the season finished.  This brings up the question, though: What’s the best way to go about collecting the stars that I need?  I mean, it would be great if everything worked out (I wanted to say “the stars aligned”) and I could knock out as much as a third in a single sitting.  But the realist in me says that this is hardly practical to expect and likely an exercise in frustration if I attempted it.
I have always enjoyed more success in Ranked Battles with short play sessions — one to four matches, played comfortably and stopping anytime a match was particularly stressful, win or lose.  Early on in Season Three, by playing this way I managed a ridiculously high win rate until I started binge-playing and my win rate tanked as a result.  This pattern has kinda-sorta held up this season, with the longest play session I’ve done so far (26 games in 24 hours) ending up with at best a 53% win rate.


Had I stopped at game #3, I would have been up to Rank 9 with no stars, but that would have been a gain for the day. This wasn’t recovered again until Game 19 — four frustrating hours later. It’s at this stage that I took a belated break, chilling for an hour and just not dealing with compounded frustration. From game 20 through 26, you can see a different play pattern with the time stamps.  I play two games then stop.  I then play four games and stop again.  I play one last game to cap off the night.
As stated in a previous article, the total stars gained from this horrible session was four.  Shorter play sessions seem to be much more profitable for me rather than compounding mistakes by dragging out long streaks of frustrating wins and losses.  I’m going to experiment over the weekend and see if I can make concerted gains in this manner.  But with less and less time available in the season, it may not be an option.

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