#GetBoat Net Gains

It was my day off.  I played twenty-six games yesterday for a net gain of four stars. Yep… only four.
Yesterday was all about The Grind (a name, I might add that sounds far sexier than it is in World of Warships).  That was the original title of this article until I had a few conversations.  I played the games in two batches.  Eighteen games and then another eight after clearing my head.  If you can’t guess, things did not go well.  The official count was a 53.8% win rate — fourteen wins and twelve losses with two games where I finished top of the team during a loss.
You could probably expect that I faced a lot of discouragement going through this.  With losses early on, it became less and less about seeing forward progress and more and more about trying to recoup what I had once had.  I fell as low as Rank 10 with 1 star with a lot of back and forth (and not the sexy kind) to build myself back up (again, not in the sexy way).  I hadn’t recovered to my starting point after eighteen games where I opted to take a break.
Throughout it all, I was chatting with various people in game between matches.  If there’s any common experience we all share in Ranked Battles, it’s the frustration of losing stars.  For some players, even a small loss is enough to make them want to quit, and I can’t really blame them.  It’s so disheartening to lose stars, never mind losing a rank.  It’s made even more so when you dwell on why the losses occurred — particularly if you see fault in your team mates. Like that player that always force you to go first on a push, even when they were at full health and you were on a sliver.  Or that person that insists on bringing a stock New Mexico to Rank 15+ games.
I try not to look for fault in my team mates.  It only infuriates me more.  Instead, I focus on net gains.  I had 45 stars left to collect before I started yesterday.  Now I’m down to 41.  With 27 days left to go in the season, that means yesterday’s progress of 4 stars isn’t bad.  It’s not great, but it’s not bad.  Yes, I had to put in twenty-six games to do it.  Yes, that was awful, but I still managed a net gain.  I plan to do try and make a similar gain between today and tomorrow.  And again the day after that.
By focusing on net gains instead of games played, it’s the only way to keep my sanity in this awful (unsexy) Grind.

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