#GetBoat The Grind So Far

I’ve only played 25 games of Ranked Battles so far.  That really isn’t very good. You would think for someone that started her Ranked Battles blog with an article on Time Management that I would be a little more conscientious about putting some mileage behind me sooner rather than later.  The best laid plans, I suppose…
This week is already looking to be excessively busy, so my goal is to put a lot of games in early before real life and responsibilities gobble me up.  With 0.5.7 looming on the horizon, there will be quite a few changes to the performance of a few premium warships.  Add in rumours of the German Battleships being just over the horizon, the inclusion of the USS Arizona and the one-year anniversary of the pre-release ships then for someone like me who normally reviews Premium vessels, the pattern looks rather full.  I know, for example, that I will need to put out reviews of the Yubari, Sims and Warspite this week.  Some are already half written.  But none of them are exactly fast to put to pen.  Wargaming has also asked me to assist with their wiki in some capacity (though I don’t understand exactly how, in what manner or why).  Add in work, family visits, job interviews, summer and a corgi and you get an idea of crazed my week is looking.  All the more reason to put my nose to the grindstone early.
 A Deliberate Slow Start
 I picked probably the best time to start Ranked Battles in the middle of Season 2.  The enthusiastic had all barrelled ahead long before I got there, butting heads together and bruising each other’s win rates with their very competent game play.  By the time I started, I was wading through the middle-ground players and having a rather easier time of it (at least I think I did).  I tried copying this methodology in Season 3 and again did very well.  But then I stopped for a long period of time and had to panic rush through the last few ranks at the tail end of the season which was not fun.
I tried replicating my Season Two start time again.   It seems to be working.  I hit Rank 10 without really encountering much in the way of queue times, but there was certainly one present when I first arrived.  So again I waited a few days before trying to gather a few more stars this week.  The queue times were just perfect, but I only played a handful of games when I should have been trying to ascend by a one rank a day.  I should be sitting close to Rank 7 at this stage but instead I’m still at 10 with a whole bunch of stars.
Part of the reason for my lack of go get’em attitude has been a lack of ships I enjoy.  I really miss my Atago (more on her on a future article).  I’ve been playing destroyers — a mix of the Sims, Blyskawica and Mahan and it’s not as fun for me as my heavy cruiser.  I’ve flirted with the idea of using an Atlanta but it doesn’t seem like a wise decision at this stage.
At any rate, I need to put some serious time into Ranked today, so it’s best if I get started now instead of procrastinating further with this blog.  I’ll add a games played & current rank counter to the top of the blog going forward.  Let’s see how I do!

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