#GetBoat Detonations

I will admit it.  Anytime I see anyone detonate in a Ranked Battle, I have to ask myself: why?
Note, if they’re on my team, it’s more:
Why did they allow themselves to detonate? I used to think it was just carelessness on behalf of the player — that they should have used their stockpile of anti-detonation flags (Juliet-Charlie) to prevent this from occurring.  Of course, then I wise up and realize that not everyone is going to have a stockpile of anti-detonation flags.  The exploding fool may not be a veteran like me who doesn’t generally use them for Random Battles and gathers a collection over time specifically for more competitive arenas like Ranked.  I have 198 of the little blighters destined to keep my boats safe through Season 4.  At my current win rate, that should (barely) cover my needs for this season.
You could try farming them, I suppose.  But the rate of Detonations in Random Battles is around 1%, with a higher chance if you’re playing a DD and a lower chance for everyone else.  So you could play 100 games in your Tachibana or whatever and hope to get blown sky high to collect 10 per day.  But with time management already being an issue in Season 4, that really doesn’t seem feasible.  At least if you get blown up in Ranked, you’ve got 10 right there, right?  That seems poor consolation.
But what about people who don’t have the flags?  I mean, you could buy them I suppose.  But have you looked at the cost for doing so?
  • On the North American server it’s $9.99 USD for 10 Juliet Charlie signals and a whole bunch of other stuff which won’t save you from being detonated.  WHOO!  Dollar per signal!
  • The European Server isn’t any better (in fact, it’s worse).  It’s €29.99 for 32 — that’s $1.06USD per signal.
  • You can’t even buy them on the Russian server.
  • And on Asia?  You can’t buy ’em either.  Wheee!

Okay, so buying them is right out.  But wait, don’t you acquire them through playing Ranked Battles?  Yes.  Yes, you do.  Here’s when you get them and how many:

  • At Rank 21, you get 5 Juliet Charlie signals.
  • At Rank 17, you get 10 Juliet Charlie signals.
  • At Rank 14, you get another 10 Juliet Charlie signals.
  • At Rank 11, you get 25 Juliet Charlie signals.
  • At Rank 7, you get 50 Juliet Charlie signals.
  • At Rank 3, you get another 50 Juliet Charlie signals.

Well that seems rather generous.  That’s a whopping 150 Juliet Charlie signals in a season of Ranked Battles.  At least, it might seem generous until you look at how many battles people are playing to get anywhere.  I mean, let’s take a look at the top Ranked players on the North American server as I’m writing this (which is 14:00 Eastern), and they’re averaging 169 games each and half of them are still stuck at Rank 5.  n3v3rforgott3n, mad props for being the first to reach Rank One on the North American server, btw!  So yeah, generous as it may appear, you categorically will not earn enough signals through Ranked Battles to cover your matches.

So unless you brought yours from home, you’re not going to be able to keep your ship 100% Detonation safe in Ranked Battles.  And you cannot fairly expect all of your team mates to be 100% Detonation safe either.  This means we will see people blowing up suddenly this season, more so than other seasons with the greater number of stars needed to reach Rank One (and thus more games need to be played).  This adds another RNG element to your success in Ranked Battles; though it’s not like there wasn’t enough already when dealing with the Matchmaker alone.  Go, teams!
Now, I like Detonations in my Random Battles.  They’re exciting and memorable.  They’re fun when I pull them off against my opponents.  They’re frustrating when they interrupt me on an otherwise great game.  I can’t wait for Wargaming to add some cool animation and effects when a ship blows up.  But for Ranked Battles?  I dunno.  Probably no.  Very no, even.  Maybe if I understood the critical hit mechanics better (which Wargaming has been very hush hush about explaining).  Maybe if I felt like I could deliberately cause detonations through some element of skill, like aiming at a specific section of the ship.
As it is, like it or hate it, we’ve all got to put up with it.

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