Saipan Changes in 5.4.2

Saipan Changes in 5.4.2


After publishing my initial review of the Saipan, changes came through that affected the performance of the aircraft carrier’s Air Superiority (3-0-1) load-out.  This was in response to feedback from reviews and testing.  These changes were:
  • The automatic bomb drop reticule was changed to match the size of the manual bomb drop reticule.
  • The reload time of the Diver Bomber squadron was reduced from 7.375s per plane to 3.5s per plane.
  • The proportion of fighters to bombers was changed from 19 fighters, 29 bombers to 29 fighters, 19 bombers.

Will this make this load-out more viable? The question remains if these changes allow her to wrest dominance in the skies from the various builds of the Ranger, Hiryu or a Strike load-out from a rival Saipan.  Certainly, the improved accuracy of automated bombers is a welcome one.  This allows you to spend more time micro managing your fighters and concentrate on dogfights and strafing runs.  The re-weighted balance of the fighter to bomber ratio will also help, but it’s uncertain at this stage if this will provide the needed endurance for a protracted effort to win the air war.

 The old automatic aiming bloom versus the new, targeting a handy reference-Atago for scale. There will be no need to manually target with dive bombers on the Saipan going forward.
For the bombers themselves, manual dropping will not reduce the reticule any further, eliminating the need to properly estimate lead times on drops.  A Saipan need only align the bombers to a desired bow to stern approach to maximize hits.  Disruption from fighters or Defensive Fire will still force the bloom out to it’s original panicked size.  The increased reload speed very welcome, reducing the time to rearm your bombers from 59s stock to 28s.  This should help make up for some of the low damage totals seen in the earlier version of this load out.
However, it remains to be seen if these buffs are sufficient to make this load-out viable and competitive on the live servers. If any more changes come through we’ll be sure to publish them on the main page, along with any other World of Warships news and reviews.

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