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Welp, this is going to delay my Bourgogne review by 24h or so, but it’s worth getting this out ahead of time.  This year’s Christmas Containers are out for World of Warships and I thought it worthwhile going over the value of these boxes.  Wargaming gave me 20 of each type of container to open on my personal account to be able to share it all with you guys.  I’m working with the other Community Contributors to put together a comprehensive list of the odds of winning each prize which we’ll hopefully be able to make available early next week.

Let me say from the start:  I’m not a fan of loot boxes.  I never have been.  They remind me too much of collectible card games.  They are gambling, make no mistake they’re anything but, and they prey upon our baser instincts.  Wargaming’s own loot boxes aren’t “as bad” as some in the industry — they will give you approximately your equivalent money’s worth in each container.  However, too many are baited into the chance of winning a premium ship on the cheap, or worse, one that’s not available for purchase anymore.

I sat down and did the math to figure out the equivalent value in each container type.  It works out to the following:

From here, you can do the math to figure out if it’s worthwhile for you by converting doubloons into your equivalent currency through the online store.  While I don’t have enough data to say for certain, the odds of acquiring a premium ship through containers seems to be between 1:10 to 1:15, but these are very preliminary results based on a select data set.  One of the Community Contributors only received 2 ships out of 60 crates opened.  I received 4 in 60.  Others have received 6 or more from the same number.  We also don’t have enough data yet to know if certain sized crates have better or worse odds for dropping a ship, so take these early numbers with a very big pinch of salt.

Stay safe this holiday season, everyone.  I’ll follow up with more information as I have it.

5 thoughts on “World of Warships Santa Crates

  1. Had the luck to get quite a generous amount of tip on the day before the containers went live from my side-job (Christmas business that went well, so the client was really happy and generous…2 waiters, each got 110€) and I spent most of it on crates.

    ~100€ of investment netted me 20 small, 30 medium and 5 big crates. No ships from the small ones, the 30+5 crates dropped:

    2xT5 (Krim+Marble), 4 or rather 3 t7 (Ashitaka, Abruzzi, Boise and…Nueve) and 2xT8 (Roma+Gascogne). Along with 50€ worth of Dubs, so I would guess I can call myself really lucky this time.

    Even if I discard all the ships I’m wasn’t keen on drawing (both T5, getting Nueve on top of Boise) I’m looking at a 2:1 return from my investment.

  2. Ships will drop with 9.35% according to my statistics. However, less rare/lower tier ships will always drop first. Basically, the ship list posted by WG fills from bottom to the top. And i got a Gallant, which isn’t on the list.

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