Angry Youtuber Review of November Battleship Premiums

The following is a PREVIEW of the upcoming Premium Battleships which Wargaming very kindly provided me. The statistics discussed here are still being evaluated by Wargaming’s developers and do not necessarily represent how the ship will appear when released.

It’s that time of year again.  Wargaming is no doubt ramping up their premium ship release schedule to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season.  We’re likely to see as many as five or six premiums released over the next eight weeks or so.  A huge glut of these potential release candidates are battleships so I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at how they’re coming along in development.

As per usual, we will be using my totally, 100% accurate, not-sarcastic-at-all rating system that is in no way, shape or form used to mock those who look at ships in an optimal / terrible false dichotomy.  Honest and for true.  This time for realsies.

 How would these ships rate on an Angry Youtuber scale of Garbage – Meh – Gud – Overpowered?


  • GARBAGE– Grossly uncompetitive and badly in need of buffs.
  • Mehbote – Average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t need buffs to be viable, but certainly not advantageous.
  • Gudbote – A strong ship that has obvious competitive strengths and unique features that make it very appealing.
  • OVERPOWERED – A ship with very clear advantages over all of its competitors and unbalancing the game with its inclusion.
West Virginia has been finalized — I just haven’t seen what the final product is yet. The last time I saw her she was entirely defined by her guns. Like Yamato, West Virginia 1941 has god-tier weapons and everything else about her sucks. Also like Yamato, despite those obvious flaws, she’s very powerful. I’m still cheesed off we’re not getting the 1944/1945 version of this brick, though.
In almost every respect, Prinz Eitel Friedrich is the polar opposite of West Virginia 1941. WV41 has good penetration. Eitel does not. WV41 can overmatch. Eitel cannot. WV41 has crap secondaries and AA firepower. Eitel has amazing secondaries and absolutely broken AA. Eitel is fast. WV41 is a one-legged hippo with bad gas. Prinz Eitel Friedrich’s combat style is something between the French and British at this tier, with British precision and penetration, but French speed and gun caliber. Her protection scheme feels very French too. Watch out for those citadel hits. This makes using those awesome secondaries she has really dangerous if you’re not careful.
I am trying so hard to like this ship. She’s had the most troubled development cycle so far. Wargaming’s current design aim seems to be to try and make a tier VIII Warspite. They’re almost there. They’ve echoed her reliance on AP with long shell fuses and by taming her HE so that it’s not spammable like other Royal Navy battleships. She has an improved version of Warspite’s Repair Party with the same healing characteristics but a shortened reaset timer. Her fast rudder shift time makes her handle very comfortably. There’s just one problem: Her fire angles are awful. She has worse overall fire angles than a King George V-class battleship and those were already hella-bad to begin with. Vanguard is often forced to fight with just two gun turrets — so four barrels in total. This might not be so bad if her guns were 406mm in caliber or greater, but at 381mm and only a 28 second reload? She just can’t comfortably put out the damage she needs to. She’s ALMOST there — almost. I’ve been especially thorough with my feedback on this ship and I’ve put in a lot of play test games. I’m hoping to see that her agility gets tweaked so that she turns just a little faster. This should make unmasking her guns and dodging more than make up for any fire angle disparities. Then we’ll truly have our tier VIII Warspite.
Did you buy Jean Bart? HA! You settled for an appetizer instead of waiting for the main course. Bourgogne is Jean Bart but with an extra helping of four 380mm guns — that’s some meaty improvements. At least they will be when Wargaming finally gets around to giving her the updated AA and secondary suite promised on the devblog a while back.

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