Yamato Legendary Upgrade Dispersion Map

Here’s what a hundred hours worth of grinding will get you.

It’s not just you. The dispersion difference appears very minimal (7% minimal in fact), most visibly along the vertical axis. RNG will still play its usual shenanigans regardless of how you equip your Yamato, as it did with the original (orange) dispersion map.

Is it worth it?  Well… no, no it isn’t.  You’re still subject to the whims of RNG.  A 7% reduction to the overall dispersion area is nice but it’s not world ending.  In practical terms, it will yield you a slight increase in the number of hits per shells fired, but I don’t feel it’s worth the slight reduction in rate of fire.  I’d like to extend a thank you to Wargaming for providing access to this module so I could put this graphic together (finally).



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