hip Review: Mouse in the Bogatyr

More St.Louis per St.Louis.
Quick Summary:  A lightly armoured, fast protected cruiser with a ten-gun 130mm broadside.  These small caliber guns let her take advantage of Captain Skills which boost her rate of fire, range and gun handling.
Patch & Date Written: 0.5.12, September 28th, 2016
Premium Ship Shortcuts

Closest Premium Ship: The tier 3, Russian Cruiser, Aurora
Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique

While the ships are both protected cruisers, the Pallada-class is a poor substitute for the Bogatyr.  They share some similar game play elements, being both very simplistic to own and operate, but the 130mm of the Bogatyr have many advantages over the 152mm of the Aurora, including better flight characteristics and DPM.

  • Her very soft armour can result in a lot of over penetrating hits from AP shells.
  • She has a ten-gun broadside with her 130mm rifles, giving her one of the highest HE DPM outputs for a cruiser at her tier.
  • Her guns can benefit from the Captain Skills Basic Fire TrainingAdvanced Fire Training, and Expert Marksman, increasing their rate of fire, range and gun rotation respectively.
  • Good base fire chance of 9% per shell.
  • With a 15pt Captain, the Bogatyr can actually fire from concealment in open water (!).
  • Fast for a protected cruiser at 24.0 knots.
  • Great handling, with a 460m turning circle and a 6.7s rudder shift time.
  • The Bogatyr Very simple to play.  Load High Explosive.  Point guns at enemy.  Apply pew pews.  Profit.


  • Short of the turrets, the entire ship has no more than 13mm of external armour plating.  Much of it has 6mm.  This makes her take high explosive penetrations from almost any size of shell that strikes her.
  • A small portion of the citadel is raised well over the waterline (found just beneath the two large lifeboats behind the last funnel).  This portion has less sloping than the rest of the citadel.
  • Her AP shells are downright forgettable with poor penetration and requiring very short range engagements to be effective.
  • No anti-aircraft armament at all.
  • Fast for a protected cruiser, but not fast enough.  Her top speed is excellent for tier 3 but a far cry from useful at tier 4 for some of the maps she finds herself on.

When the Russian & Soviet cruisers were launched, it was the Bogatyr that impressed me the most.  It wasn’t her stats — it was her looks.  Even without premium camouflage (which you should really get on about selling, Wargaming), she looks gorgeous.

It’s that time of week again.  This time, we’re taking a look at the Bogatyr, the tier 3 Russian protected cruiser.  This is a fast favourite for some, and I’m joined by one of her demagogues today in the form of Lert.  This way, I can focus on the simple strengths and weaknesses of the ship while he does the dirty work of comparing them directly to her competitors.

The Lertbox

In lieu of the regular Lertbox I will write small, short explanations about why I think Bogatyr is the best tier three cruiser in the game. As such I will compare her directly to Tenryu, Kolberg, Aurora and St Louis, in separate short paragraphs.

Well, that’s enough fussing about who’s doing what.  Let’s get into the article.
There are not a lot of options for this low tier cruiser.  I think Wargaming is really missing an opportunity to monetize some of the popular low-tier tech tree ships with fun (and hopefully historical) premium camouflage options.
Consumables: One slot.
  • Damage Control Party

Module Upgrades:  Two slots.  Standard cruiser options.
Camouflage:  There are no premium camouflage options for the Bogatyr.

The Lertbox:  Bogatyr versus the Tenryu

Let’s start off with the most difficult comparison, that of a destroyer leader versus a broadside gun cruiser. Tenryu makes a very good initial impression with vastly superior speed and a powerful torpedo armament, but then immediately drops the ball with a pathetic main gun armament, paper-thin armor and a large, exposed citadel. Finally, her torpedoes rely on getting in close unnoticed, which her concealment doesn’t quite allow and the moment she starts taking fire her large citadel means that she won’t survive long enough to reliably place her fish where they are needed.

Tenryu is far from a bad ship, but it’s too situational to be considered reliable. It’s very fragile and while boasting an impressive alpha strike with her torpedoes, but their short range means that it’s a situational weapon, and she simply does not have the gun throw weight to make herself count in a gun fight. There is no denying Tenryu’s speed which makes her very flexible, but what good is flexibility if you can’t reliably do your damage in the hectic environment of tier 3 gameplay? Because of her sufficient speed, massive volume-of-fire advantage, increased survivability and overall reliability I consider Bogatyr the better cruiser.

Fighting a Tenryu: Just be wary of its torpedoes and gun it down with extreme prejudice and you should be fine.

Primary Battery:  Twelve 130m rifles in casemate and deck mounts (six to each side).  Another four rifles split between two turrets with two guns each.  One on the bow and one on the stern.  This brings her up to a total of sixteen 130mm guns with a maximum of a ten gun broadside.  These can be swapped for a comparable number of 152mm guns in similar (but not identical) placements.  Both sets of guns guns have an 11.4km range.
 Broadside HE DPM of Tier 3 Cruisers
  • 140,000 – Bogatyr 152mm
  • 126,667 – Bogatyr 130mm with Basic Fire Training
  • 126,000 – St.Louis
  • 118,800 – Kolberg with Basic Fire Training
  • 114,000 – Bogatyr 130mm 
  • 117,209 – Aurora
  • 108,000 – Kolberg
  •   96,000 – Tenryu

Putting together this table surprised me.  I knew that the Bogatyr had the best DPM at tier 3, but what I didn’t know was that this potential resided within her 152mm guns and not her 130mm guns.  You have the option of using either one with this tier 3 cruiser and they each have their advantages.  The 130mm are arguably much easier to use and will perform more consistently.  I strongly recommend upgrading to them, especially if you intend to keep the ship.  They have higher muzzle velocity (and thus better shell arcs), a better base fire chance to help you set enemies ablaze while maintaining comparable penetration mechanics.  This comes at the cost of a slower reload but this is easily compensated by Captain Skills.  The Bogatyr’s 130mm synergize with the Captain Skills Advanced Fire Training (2.28km more range), Basic Fire Training (reducing  her reload time from 10s to 9s, the same as the Bogatyr’s 152mm) and Expert Marksman (increasing her turret rotation by 1.7’/s over the 152mm mounts).

 The other, albeit minor, advantage of the 152mm rifles is their ability to cause penetration damage with high explosive shells against more heavily armoured targets.  152mm can cause penetrating HE hits against up to 25mm worth of armour, while the 130mm rifles cap out at 21mm.  However, it only takes a quick glance through the in-game armour viewer to see how infrequently the Bogatyr encounters ships with 25mm armour plate, being largely limited to the raised deck armour found amidships of the German Battleships, the Myogi and the side armour of the Svietlana.
Thus, while the 152mm rifles of the Bogatyr appear to promise more damage, the comfort with which the 130mm rifles can put shells down range makes the gun superior.  Your HE spam is a means to an end in the Bogatyr. You’re looking to start fires — lots of fires.  The 130mm are hands down superior for this with a 9% chance compared to the 8% from the 152mm rifles.
It should be noted however that some of these benefits of the 130mm take a while to unlock.  While it’s not much to ask even a new player to acquire 3 captain skills for Basic Fire Training and Expert Marksman, collecting 10pts to finally reach Advanced Fire Training is a bit much.  It’s even a bigger ask to consider how the Bogatyr can mate up with even higher tiered skills.  With a 15pt Captain, the Bogatyr can potentially fire from stealth in open water.  Her surface detection range while firing with camouflage and Concealment Expert is 12.69km — giving her just shy of a 1km window from which to shoot if she also has Advanced Fire Training.  But let’s be realistic here.  Not only is this going to solely be possible for someone that holds onto the Bogatyr for a long time, there are not very many maps where the ship will be able to properly take advantage of this in low tier matchmaking.
  • As a protected cruiser, she only has a pair of turrets, with most of her guns being scattered down her sides.  This makes it much easier to engage targets on both sides of the ship.  You can potentially juggle setting more fires this way or simply fire and maneuver without fear of outstripping the traverse of your main battery.
  • While the 152mm offer more potential DPM than the 130mm (even with Captain Skills), the 130mm have better soft stats, including shell flight time and chance to set fires, making them the superior choice.
  • The Bogatyr has the largest number of guns in a broadside until at least tier 6, making her the most heavily armed protected cruiser currently in the game.
  • While it’s theoretically possible to rig the Bogatyr for firing from concealment in open water, it’s largely impractical.  It’s far better to invest the points in starting extra fires.

The pall of smoke from the Bogatyr’s broadsides may have the unexpected benefit of partially obscuring her from sight for a moment, especially while under maneuvers.  She can fire a ten gun broadside — a feat unmatched with the Soviet cruisers until the tier 7 Shchors.
Compared to the Tier 2 Novik

When you upgrade from the Novik, you’ll really feel like you’ve come into your own.  Even a stock Bogatyr offers more in the way of firepower than the Novik did, bumping you up from a five gun broadside to an eight gun.  It only gets better when you get the Bogatyr’s B-Hull.  The Bogatyr also doubles the hit points of the tier 2 ship, providing more durability (without ever truly becoming durable herself).  The only area of disappointment will be the reduced rate of fire.  The Novik’s reload is as low as 4.5s with Basic Fire Training and the Bogatyr’s is double that.  This is without a significant improvement in shell damage or chance to set fires.

However, it’s doubtful anyone would be upset with upgrading to the Bogatyr.  Her extra reach, her extra health and her improved ballistics will make her gunnery that much more comfortable.  And let’s face it — that will excuse the little losses here and there.


Top Speed:  24.0 knots
Turning Radius:  450m
Rudder Shift:  6.7s

While not unique, the Bogatyr has surprising speed for a large, protected cruiser.  Many of this ship type (and at this tier) struggle to make 20 knots and the Bogatyr can do well in excess of that.  This comes without sacrificing much in the way of agility — her turning circle is still very tight and very well suited to avoiding the obstacles found on the claustrophobic maps upon which she often finds herself.  In addition, when she faces higher tiered opponents on maps like New Dawn, she has speed enough to keep pace with the flow of battle, or even dictate it when facing against slower ships.
Still, there’s a large disparity between tier 3 and tier 4 cruisers in terms of their speed and the Bogatyr suffers from this too.  Ships like the Phoenix, Kuma and Yubari can all push in excess of 30 knots.  While she no longer has to face ships like the tier 5 Kongo, the Myogi at tier 4 also has some rather long legs.  This removes the Bogatyr’s ability to dictate the range of engagement when she’s no longer top tier and she will have to take fights as they come.
As you’ll see below, its the agility of the Bogatyr that is largely responsible for keeping it alive.  It’s imperative to keep your fingers on your rudder, constantly adjusting and changing your speed and heading.  Not only will this help keep you torpedo safe and frustrate seal-clubbing destroyers.  This will also throw off the aim of some of the long-lobbed high explosive shellfire coming from the likes of the St.Louis or Dresden-class cruisers.
The Lertbox: Bogatyr versus the Kolberg

A more fair comparison, as both are broadside gun cruisers. Kolberg is smaller, faster, with a higher rate of fire. She also has shorter range, less guns, smaller guns and less hit points. Kolberg’s citadel is behind slightly thicker armor, but it’s unsloped whereas Bogatyr’s citadel armor is at a roughly 45 degree angle, making it better protected. Kolberg’s main weakness, though, is her 105mm guns. They’re just not big enough to make a sizable impression on other ships and rely almost entirely on fire damage to make them count. If only their fire chance wasn’t so low.

Kolberg is a ship who’s performance increases enormously with proper captain skills, as the 105mm guns benefit greatly from BFT, AFT and DE. Still, so do Bogatyr’s 130mm guns, and giving both ships the same captain, Bogatyr will always come out on top in HE DPM, range and fires-per-minute. Kolberg’s additional speed and agility are too small of an advantage to give her the edge. Bogatyr is the better cruiser.

Fighting a Kolberg: Approach and bully, use your vast broadside advantage to deliver hammer strikes of HE, switch to AP when very close and you should have no problem.


Hit Points:  23,000
Citadel Protection:  
Layered armour, with a 13mm outer hull and a sloped 70mm citadel deck.
Min Bow & Deck Armour:  
Between 6mm and 11mm.

As much as her guns define her, so too does the durability of the Bogatyr colour the play style of the ship.  The Bogatyr is a bucket of hit points with very little in the way of what could be called “functional armour”.  Short of facing a 76mm armed Smith or a Tachibana, there isn’t a ship in the game that cannot land penetrating high explosive hits on any section of the Bogatyr’s main hull.  Perhaps a single lucky splash on a gun shield, turret or her bridge may save you from the occasional stray shell, but by and large, any hits that land on her will do damage.  In the HE fests that are low tier matches, if you come under fire in the Bogatyr, you’ll hemorrhage hit points very quickly.
The other bad side to having so little armour is that things break on the Bogatyr, constantly.  If it isn’t your guns being shot out then it’s some cheeky blighter knocking out your steering or your rudder.  You’ll be wanting to save your Damage Control Party to put out the fires that are so commonplace in lower tiers, though.  So plan appropriately.
There’s an upside to this lack of armour, though.  When facing AP slinging Battleships, her lack of armour can be a blessing in most cases.  This will lead to a lot of over penetrating hits, particularly if you’re caught broadside on.  You still need to beware some Battleships, like the notoriously short-fused detonators on the Imperator Nikolai I (seriously, as if this BB needed any more bonuses!) which is an awesome cruiser-killer for its tier.   But otherwise, you can bet that many poorly aimed shells will punch clean through without fusing and do only 1/10th damage.
Now that said, you do have to worry about her citadel, particularly at medium to close ranges.  There’s a raised “camel back” section of the citadel behind the funnels found just underneath where her large life rafts are found.  Shots landing here are likely to result in citadel damage.  The Bogatyr doesn’t stand up to punishment well in the best of cases.  The last thing you want to do is facilitate matters by allowing Dreadnoughts to blow out your engine compartment.
As stated before, the Bogatyr’s agility has to be her armour.  That or use friendly vessels to tank for you so you can spend your time safely hosing down the enemy decks with high explosive pain.

The Bogatyr trades fire with a beached Kolberg — both ships slinging AP rounds at close range into each other’s broadsides.  You have to get really close to make proper use of the Bogatyr’s AP, and then only against specific targets.  The shells are likely to shatter against the sides of most ships if there’s even a bit of armour resistance.
The Lertbox: Bogatyr versus the St.Louis

Ah, this is the one everyone has been waiting for. St Louis is a very good and very popular gunboat, renowned for its firepower and sheer  ruggedness. How would I defend something a lot softer with much smaller guns and lower rate of fire as being a better boat? Although St Louis has the better rate of fire, the shells per minute are near the same between the two. With the 152mm guns mounted on Bogatyr the range is very similar too, and your only two advantages are your speed and your slightly higher HE DPM, while the American ship is much tougher than you. If you’re driving a 152mm Bogatyr you have the disadvantage against a St Louis.

Things get a bit more evenly matched when you mount the 130mm guns. Although you lose the 152mm’s armor penetration advantage, the increased fire chance and improved ballistics makes up for that in my opinion. But it becomes even better when you have captain skills trained. The 130mms benefit greatly from Basic Fire TrainingAdvanced Fire Training and Demolition Expert, making kiting a St Louis and burning it down a relatively easy matter. You have the speed and the range advantage, there is no reason you should be taking much damage from a St Louis. Properly outfitted, Bogatyr is the better cruiser. Not by much, but still better.

Fighting a St Louis: Hope you have 130mms with some captain skills, or you’re going to have your work cut out for you. In a direct slugging match St Louis is tougher to kill, so your best bet is to use your speed and range advantage to kite him and burn him down.

Concealment & Camouflage

Surface Detection Range:  10.3km
Air Detection Range:  5.7km 
Minimum Surface Detection Range:  
Concealment Penalty while Firing: +3.90km (Minimum of 12.69km vs maximum range of 13.68km gun range)

The only thing of particular note about the Bogatyr’s concealment rating is that, properly specialized with an absurdly high skilled Captain, she can fire from stealth in open water.  I mean, it’s only 15 skill points on the Captain of a tier 3, non premium ship.  That’s reasonable, right?  If you love the Bogatyr, that’s not outside of the realm of possibilities, but the question becomes more if it’s worthwhile.
For a Bogatyr to take full advantage of this, she needs two elements:
  1. She needs to be facing opponents she can outpace in order to remain in the stealth “pocket”.
  2. She needs to be on a map that allows her enough room to operate like this.

The stealth pocket for the Bogatyr is 990m — which is rather small as far as firing from stealth goes.  This means you have to keep around 13km away from an opponent to rain shells down on them without being spotted.  And this leads us to the second issue — she normally fights on claustrophobic maps.  Choked with islands and without a lot of room to begin with, finding opportunities to capitalize on this heavy points investment is usually limited to tier 4 matches where you might find yourself on maps like New Dawn.  The problem then becomes that you’ll be facing a lot more faster ships which makes the first point more of an issue.

 Overall, having good stealth in the Bogatyr is nice in theory but not so easy to make use of in practice.  I would much prefer to invest my points into making her guns shoot further and start more fires.
The Stock Grind:
The grind on the Bogatyr is pretty gentle. For the uninitiated, the change from the 152mm to the 130mm won’t feel like a dramatic difference. The most startling change will come from upgrading her hull, which dispenses with the use of secondary 75mm rifles to her full, sixteen-gun outfitting.
  • The first thing you’ll want to upgrade is her hull. This removes her secondary battery of twelve 75mm guns and replaces them with four additional main-battery weapons instead. Don’t worry about losing those secondaries — you won’t miss them. This will reduce her rudder shift time from 8.4s down to 6.7s and tack on an additional 2,500 hit points.
  • Next, grab your 130mm guns. This will boost your chance to start fires by 1%. Provided you’ve taken Basic Fire Training, you won’t see any reduction to your ship’s rate of fire. In addition, this will also improve the armoured protection for your deck mounted  guns along the sides of your ship, upgrading their gun shields from 13mm to 25mm, which is nice.
  • Lastly, unlock your Gun Fire Control System to provide you with a 10% range boost to increase your reach from 10.3km to 11.4km.
Anti-Aircraft Defense
Haha, no.

Planes say hi. Bogatyr does not reply.
The Lertbox: Bogatyr versus the Aurora

With the stock 152mm rifles Bogatyr has the same guns as Aurora, with the same horrible arcs and same long shell travel time. The gun range is so close as to be even, with Aurora having a slight edge in rate of fire. Aurora is still slower, turns worse and has worse hit points. When you upgrade Bogatyr’s guns to 130mm and throw in a skilled captain, the disparity between the two ships only grows giving Bogatyr the edge in range, ROF, fires-per-minute, shell arcs, shell velocity, HE DPM, hit points and speed, with Aurora only edging it in turning radius. Bogatyr is the far better cruiser.

Fighting an Aurora: You have to be wary of Aurora’s heavy broadside with similar range as yours. Keep mobile, keep turning and throwing her aim off and wear her down with massive broadside fire. You have the advantage, but you probably won’t come out smelling like roses. Unless you have Advanced Fire Training and the 130mm’s in which case kite from range with impunity.

Overall Impressions
Skill Floor: Simple Casual / Challenging / Difficult
Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High Extreme
The Bogatyr exemplifies some of the simplest game play mechanics in World of Warships:
  1. Select High Explosive shells.
  2. Hit W a few times, applying S and D as appropriate to not run into anything.
  3. Find an enemy ship.
  4. Hold down the left mouse button.
  5. Wrack up damage.  Maybe even sink someone.

Just following those five simple steps will serve most novice players quite well.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are nuances to some of these steps.  Number two is particularly tricky, especially when enemies are actively throwing things in your general location in an effort to hit you (like battleship caliber shells and torpedoes).  But it really doesn’t get especially complicated with the Bogatyr.  Having in depth knowledge of the game mechanics will certainly help but there’s not a whole lot you can do with them.  She’s just not the right chariot for that kind of thing and her list of tricks is rather short.

The biggest meta to embrace is the ability to time the use of enemy Damage Control Parties and sweep their decks from bow to stern to set the maximum number of blazes at once.  More power to you if you can juggle fires on multiple targets at the same time.  The next ability to consider trying to master is knowing the gunnery ranges of the enemy ships you’re facing and use your own range and speed to keep out of their reach.  Kiting is very difficult to do well, especially when the margins for range are so small.  But being able to pull this off means that you’ll be able to wreck opponents without them being able to make any form of reprisal.
Quotes from the Community

– Sung with more enthusiasm than ability by many a Bogatyr player.
Mouse’s Summary:
  • All of the pew pews.
  • None of the armour.
  • Stupid, derpy fun when top tier.
  • Still quite capable even when bottom tier.  Fires are the great equalizer.

The Bogatyr and the St.Louis share something in common:  They’re a no frills, no stress ship that allows you to feel like a total rockstar no matter how skilled you are. And that’s really the summation of this entire review.  The Bogatyr is good.  She’s so good that you don’t have to be good to do well in her.  But she’s not so gruesomely overpowered that enemy ships can’t sink her quickly if she derps.  While she might be able to embrace a meta which allows her to attack with impunity, it is largely impractical except when she’s able to selectively kite specific opponents.

Compared to the Tier 4 Svietlana:

The Svietlana is perfectly built to trump the Bogatyr.  She uses 130mm guns as well, and keeps all of the benefits for using them as the Bogatyr does.  On top of this she has more speed and backs this all up with a scorpion’s tail of stern-launched torpedoes.  However, the jump up to tier 4 isn’t all of that comfortable.  While the Svietlana is a straight up improvement over the Bogatyr, she finds herself facing opponents that do not let you espouse the same derpy tactics that worked so well a tier lower.  Almost every cruiser she faces can make in excess of 30 knots.  The Battleships she’s going up against now include some frightening contenders, such as the rare but frightening Arkansas, the long ranged and fast Myogi and the nightmarish Kongo-class.  She can’t outreach these ships and their salvos will pulverize her in short order.  This doesn’t make the Svietlana a bad ship.  But players will definitely feel like they’ve left the kiddie pool when they climb up to tier 4.

If you ask me, the best consumable you can equip to your Bogatyr is a division mate.  This will effectively double your hit points and give you approximately 1/3 more firepower.  You can choose to invest a little more heavily into your selection of division mates and get one that will double your firepower.

What?  What do you mean division mates aren’t a consumable?

Outfitting the Bogatyr
Recommended Modules

I have to love how easy it is to talk about low tier ships.  There’s only two module slots on the Bogatyr and there are only two options worth considering.  First and foremost, it should be Main Armaments Modification 1 that you reach for.  This will help keep your guns in the game and keep your pew-pews flying.  For your second slot, Damage Control Systems Modification 1 is the best choice — mostly to keep yourself from lighting on fire.  This module won’t arrest that entirely (or even significantly) but it’s the best you’ll find out there.

Recommended Consumables

Well, there’s just a single consumable for the Bogatyr.  If you’re grinding your way through the ship with no intention to keep her, then sticking with the standard Damage Control Party isn’t a bad decision.  This consumable will be heavily taxed in the games that you play, with weapons and modules breaking consistently when attacked.  In addition, fires and flooding are ridiculously commonplace in low tier battles and those are arguably the most important critical to mitigate with this consumable.  So if you can afford to spend the credits, then the premium version isn’t remiss.
For camouflage, I would only bother with Disruption Camouflage if you can comfortably keep enemies engaged at a distance.  This will help avoid Battleship fire, but it’s not going to assist very much against cruiser or destroyer caliber weapons — or attacks that come in from within 10km.


Recommended Captain Skills

There’s a few really nice skills to have on the Bogatyr and the ones you select are largely up to what you find to be optimal for your play style.  Hooray, for choice!  The big push you should be trying for here is to double up on her tier 4 skills.  From there, pick the optional choices as appropriate for your styles.
  •  From the first tier, Basic Fire Training is, hands down the best skill to take.  This increases your 130mm rate of fire from 10rpm to 9rpm, putting them on par with your older 152mm guns.  Basics of Survivability can look appealing in low tier matches with so many fires being tossed about, but I would avoid it.  You’re not a Battleship where you can allow a fire to burn for it’s full duration and then heal it back.
  • Next, there are two skills worth considering.  Expert Marksman may seem like the best choice as your 130mm guns can take full advantage of this.  However, experience tells me that Last Stand is quite handy on the Bogatyr, particularly when she begins embracing the kiting meta.  Your steering gears will often take it on the chin and this will help keep you alive instead of spinning uselessly in circles.  Up until then, though, Expert Marksman will do.
  • From tier 3, Vigilance is the best choice.  While the number of stealth-launched torpedoes is lower, they’re still not uncommon from seal-clubbing Isokaze and Wakatake-class destroyers with 15pt Captains at the helm.  High Alert is also valuable to reduce the reset timer of your Damage Control Party, but this should be taken only after maximizing your tier 4 skills.
  • From tier 4, there are two skills that are strongly recommended. First, Demolition Expert will increase her fire chance from 9% to 12% per shell and is invaluable.  Secondly, Advanced Fire Training will bump her range up from 11.4km to an impressive 13.7km.
  • At tier 5, Concealment Expert may look attractive, but I would suggest doubling up on one of the earlier tier 4 skills instead.
Parting Words…

This concludes the closer look at the Bogatyr.  With Season Five of Ranked Battle on the immediate horizon, tech tree ship reviews will be put on hold until I finish bleeding from my eyes and pulling out my hair, vainly pursuing rank one.

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